This site is the canonical source for developer documentation relating to Rhino, Grasshopper, and other companion products. The goal of this site is to provide a clear, easy-to-navigate, reference, with consistent formatting and nomenclature.

For contributors or administrators, the following guides are necessary reading:


The following guides and samples have TODO items listed in their yaml


  1. (C/C++) Adding RhinoScript Support needs to be reviewed to check to see if steps are up to date. New screencaptures as well.
  2. (C/C++) Adding a NURBS Curve from Control Points needs more explanation in order to be a guide
  3. (C/C++) Brep Data Structure needs explanation, diagram style update
  4. (RhinoPython) Canceling a Python script in Rhino has some RhinoScript mid-way down...why?
  5. (Grasshopper) Component Installers (Windows) needs porting from:
  6. (Grasshopper) Components with a variable number of parameters needs porting from:
  7. (C/C++) Crash Dump Analysis needs screen-capture update and overall review.
  8. (C/C++) Creating Zoo Plugins needs to be compared to RhinoCommon version
  9. (C/C++) Creating your first C/C++ plugin for Rhino needs new screenshots, review, and cleanup. Consider breaking out Adding Commands.
  10. (C/C++) Defining New Plugin Commands needs to be reviewed for accuracy and considered for consolidation with other plugin topics
  11. (RhinoCommonC/C++) Digitally Signing Zoo Plugins move out of Zoo because it applies to both Zoo and Rhino plugins
  12. (Grasshopper) Extending the GUI For David R: finish interaction section
  13. (C/C++) Failed to locate CL.exe error needs updated screen captures
  14. (C/C++) Installing Tools (Windows) needs to be written.
  15. (C/C++) Material, Environment, and Texture Editors needs porting from:
  16. (C/C++) Plugin Installers (Windows) needs porting - see additional TODO
  17. (RhinoCommon) Plugin Installers (Windows) needs updating and/or review.
  18. (C/C++) Plugin Loading needs to be reviewed or consolidated with other plugin guides
  19. (C/C++) Plugin Search Order needs to be reviewed and consolidated with other plugin guides
  20. (RhinoCommon) RhinoCommon Zoo Plugins needs to be compared with creating-zoo-plugins
  21. (C/C++) Running Rhino from the Command Line needs to be reclassified as a General guide if we can add macOS specifics
  22. (RhinoScript) Running Scripts from Macros needs review and updated screencaptures
  23. (C/C++RhinoScript) Scripting Methods for RDK (Windows) needs cleanup and formatting work and to be added to rhinoscript guides
  24. (C/C++) Textures and Mappings needs review and more explanatory content.
  25. (C/C++) Transforming Breps needs more explanatory content.
  26. (C/C++) User Data downloadable samples should be moved to GitHub and linked
  27. (RhinoPythonRhinoCommon) Using RhinoCommon from Python needs more information.
  28. (RhinoScript) What are VBScript and RhinoScript? needs a bit more information to guide users through how to learn VBS.
  29. (RhinoPython) What is Rhino.Python? needs more GHPython info.
  30. (Grasshopper) What is a Grasshopper Component? needs to be reviewed for accuracy. Also, needs a little more high-level info
  31. (C/C++) What is the RDK? needs cleanup, standardization, editing, new images, etc.
  32. (C/C++) Your First Renderer Plugin (Windows) needs porting from:


  1. (RhinoPython) Make a Circle with RhinoCommon Why is this not a RhinoCommon sample?


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