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File3dmAudit Method
Check a model to make sure it is valid and, if possible and requested, attempt to repair.

Namespace: Rhino.FileIO
Assembly: RhinoCommon (in RhinoCommon.dll) Version: 5.1.50000.0 (5.0.20693.0)
public int Audit(
	bool attemptRepair,
	out int repairCount,
	out string errors,
	out int[] warnings


Type: SystemBoolean
if true and a problem is found, the problem is repaired.
Type: SystemInt32
number of successful repairs.
Type: SystemString
if errors are found, a description of the problem is put in this.
Type: SystemInt32
If problems were found, warning ids are appended to this list. 1 (MaterialTable flaws), 2 (LayerTable is not perfect), 3 (some ObjectTable.Attributes.Id was nil or not unique), 4 (ObjectTable.IsValid() is false), 5 (some IDefTable entry has an invalid or duplicate name), 6 (some IDefTable.ObjectId is not valid), 7 (some ObjectTable.Geometry is null), 8 (some ObjectTable.Geometry.IsValid is false), 9 (some ObjectTable.Attributes is not valid), 10 (LinetypeTable is not perfect), 11 (LinetypeTable is not perfect), 12 (some IDefTable.Id was Empty or not unique), 13 (some TextureMappingTable.MappingId was Empty or not unique), 14 (some MaterialTable.Id was Empty or not unique), 15 (some LightTable.LightId was Empty or not unique)

Return Value

Type: Int32
<0 (model has serious errors), 0 (model is ok), >0 (number of problems that were found)
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