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Rhino.Runtime Namespace

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Public classAssemblyResolver
Assembly Resolver for the Rhino App Domain.
Public classCommonObject
Base class for .NET classes that wrap C++ unmanaged Rhino classes.
Public classDocumentCollectedException
Represents the error that happen when a class user attempts to execute a modifying operation on an object that has been added to a document.
Public classHostUtils
Contains static methods to deal with teh runtime environment.
Public classInterop
Contains static methods to marshal objects between RhinoCommon and legacy Rhino_DotNet or C++.
Public classPythonCompiledCode
Represents scripting compiled code.
Public classPythonScript
Represents a Python script.
Public classRdkNotLoadedException
Is thrown when the RDK is not loaded.
Public classSkin
Represents a customized environment that changes the appearance of Rhino.

Skin DLLs must contain a single class that derives from the Skin class.

Public interfaceIPlatformServiceLocator
Get platform specific services that are used internally for general cross platform funtions in RhinoCommon. This includes services like localization and GUI components that have concrete implementations in the RhinoWindows or RhinoMac assemblies
Public delegateHostUtilsExceptionReportDelegate
Represents a reference to a method that will be called when an exception occurs.