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Transform Properties

The Transform type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDeterminant
The determinant of this 4x4 matrix.
Public propertyStatic memberIdentity
Gets a new identity transform matrix. An identity matrix defines no transformation.
Public propertyIsValid
Gets a value indicating whether or not this Transform is a valid matrix. A valid transform matrix is not allowed to have any invalid numbers.
Public propertyItem
Gets or sets the matrix value at the given row and column indixes.
Public propertyM00
Gets or sets this[0,0].
Public propertyM01
Gets or sets this[0,1].
Public propertyM02
Gets or sets this[0,2].
Public propertyM03
Gets or sets this[0,3].
Public propertyM10
Gets or sets this[1,0].
Public propertyM11
Gets or sets this[1,1].
Public propertyM12
Gets or sets this[1,2].
Public propertyM13
Gets or sets this[1,3].
Public propertyM20
Gets or sets this[2,0].
Public propertyM21
Gets or sets this[2,1].
Public propertyM22
Gets or sets this[2,2].
Public propertyM23
Gets or sets this[2,3].
Public propertyM30
Gets or sets this[3,0].
Public propertyM31
Gets or sets this[3,1].
Public propertyM32
Gets or sets this[3,2].
Public propertyM33
Gets or sets this[3,3].
Public propertySimilarityType
Gets a value indicating whether or not the Transform maintains similarity. The easiest way to think of Similarity is that any circle, when transformed, remains a circle. Whereas a non-similarity Transform deforms circles into ellipses.
Public propertyStatic memberUnset
Gets an XForm filled with RhinoMath.UnsetValue.
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