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UnitSystem Enumeration
Provides enumerated values for several unit systems.

Namespace: Rhino
Assembly: RhinoCommon (in RhinoCommon.dll) Version: 5.1.50000.0 (5.0.20693.0)
public enum UnitSystem
  Member nameValueDescription
None0No unit system is specified.
Angstroms121.0e-10 meters.
Nanometers131.0e-9 meters.
Microns11.0e-6 meters.
Millimeters21.0e-3 meters.
Centimeters31.0e-2 meters.
Decimeters141.0e-1 meters.
Meters4The base unit in the International System of Units.
Dekameters151.0e+1 meters.
Hectometers161.0e+2 meters.
Kilometers51.0e+3 meters.
Megameters171.0e+6 meters.
Gigameters181.0e+9 meters.
Microinches62.54e-8 meters (1.0e-6 inches).
Mils72.54e-5 meters (0.001 inches).
Inches80.0254 meters.
Feet90.3048 meters (12 inches).
Yards190.9144 meters (36 inches).
Miles101609.344 meters (5280 feet).
PrinterPoint20Printer distance 1/72 inches (computer points).
PrinterPica21Printer distance 1/6 inches (computer picas).
NauticalMile22 Terrestrial distance, 1852 meters.

Approximately 1 minute of arc on a terrestrial great circle. See .

Astronomical23 Astronomical unit distance. 1.495979e+11 // An astronomical unit (au) is the mean distance from the center of the earth to the center of the sun.
Lightyears24 Light Year 9.46073e+15 meters

A light year is the distance light travels in one Julian year. The speed of light is exactly 299792458 meters/second. A Julian year is exactly 365.25 * 86400 seconds and is approximately the time it takes for one earth orbit.

Parsecs25 Parallax Second 3.085678e+16 meters
CustomUnitSystem11 Custom unit systems x meters with x defined in ON_3dmUnitsAndTolerances.m_custom_unit_scale.
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