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CurveFair Method
Rhino for Mac 5.1
Fairs a curve object. Fair works best on degree 3 (cubic) curves. Attempts to remove large curvature variations while limiting the geometry changes to be no more than the specified tolerance.

Namespace: Rhino.Geometry
Assembly: RhinoCommon (in RhinoCommon.dll) Version: 5.1.50000.0 (5.0.20693.0)
public Curve Fair(
	double distanceTolerance,
	double angleTolerance,
	int clampStart,
	int clampEnd,
	int iterations


Type: SystemDouble
Maximum allowed distance the faired curve is allowed to deviate from the input.
Type: SystemDouble
(in radians) kinks with angles <= angleTolerance are smoothed out 0.05 is a good default.
Type: SystemInt32
The number of (control vertices-1) to preserve at start.

0 = preserve start point

1 = preserve start point and 1st derivative

2 = preserve start point, 1st and 2nd derivative

Type: SystemInt32
Same as clampStart.
Type: SystemInt32
The number of iteratoins to use in adjusting the curve.

Return Value

Type: Curve
Returns new faired Curve on success, null on failure.
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