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Rhino Namespace
Rhino for Mac 5.1
The Rhino namespace contains fundamental types that define commonly-used value types and classes used in Rhino.

Base namespace where we put classes that we couldn't figure out any good spot to put them.

Public classDocumentEventArgs
Provides document information for RhinoDoc events.
Public classDocumentOpenEventArgs
Provides document information for RhinoDoc events.
Public classDocumentSaveEventArgs
Provides document information for RhinoDoc events.
Public classPersistentSettings
A dictionary of SettingValue items.
Public classPersistentSettingsEventArgs
Represents event data that is passed as state in persistent settings events.
Public classPersistentSettingsEventArgsT
Represents the persistent settings modification event arguments.
Public classRhinoApp
.NET RhinoApp is parallel to C++ CRhinoApp.
Public classRhinoDoc
Represents an active model.
Public classRhinoDocTextureMappingEventArgs
Event arguments passed to the RhinoDoc.TextureMappingEvent.
Public classRhinoDocObserverArgs
Arguments passed to IRhinoDocObserver methods.
Public classRhinoMath
Provides constants and static methods that are additional to Math.
Public structureIndexPair
Represents two indices: I and J.
Public enumerationRhinoDocTextureMappingEventType
Public enumerationUnitSystem
Provides enumerated values for several unit systems.