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Rhino.DocObjects Namespace
Rhino for Mac 5.1
The DocObjects namespace contains types that correspond to geometry that is found in a document.

Generally, these types reference an attribute and have a distinctive ID.

Public classAngularDimensionObject
Angular style dimension
Public classAnnotationObjectBase
Provides a base class for AnnotationBase-derived objects that are placed in a document.
Public classBitmapEntry
Rhino.DocObjects.Tables.BitmapTable entry
Public classBrepObject
Represents a brep in a document.
Public classClippingPlaneObject
Represents the object of a clipping plane, stored in the Rhino document and with attributes.
Public classConstructionPlane
Represents a contruction plane inside the document.

Use Rhino.DocObjects.Tables.NamedConstructionPlaneTable methods and indexers to add and access a ConstructionPlane.

Public classCurveObject
A Rhino Object that represents curve geometry and attributes
Public classDetailViewObject
Public classDimensionStyle
Public classEarthAnchorPoint
Contains information about the model's position in latitude, longitude, and elevation for GIS mapping applications.
Public classExtrusionObject
Public classFont
Public classGripObject
Public classHatchObject
Public classHatchPattern
Public classHistoryRecord
Public classInstanceDefinition
Public classInstanceObject
Public classLayer
Public classLeaderObject
Represents a Leader that is picked in a document
Public classLightObject
Public classLinearDimensionObject
Represents a LinearDimension that is placed in a document.
Public classLinetype
Public classMaterial
Public classMaterialRef
Public classMaterialRefCreateParams
Options passed to MaterialRefs.Create
Public classMaterialRefs
If you are developing a high quality plug-in renderer, and a user is assigning a custom render material to this object, then add rendering material information to the MaterialRefs dictionary. Note to developers: As soon as the MaterialRefs dictionary contains items rendering material queries slow down. Do not populate the MaterialRefs dictionary when setting the MaterialIndex will take care of your needs.
Public classMeshObject
Public classMorphControlObject
Represents a MorphControl in a document.
Public classObjectAttributes
Attributes (color, material, layer,...) associated with a rhino object
Public classCode exampleObjectEnumeratorSettings
Settings used for getting an enumerator of objects in a document See Rhino.Collections.ObjectTable.GetEnumerator()
Public classObjRef
Represents a reference to a Rhino object.
Public classPointCloudObject
Public classPointObject
Public classRadialDimensionObject
A radius style dimension
Public classReplayHistoryData
Public classReplayHistoryResult
Public classRhinoDeselectAllObjectsEventArgs
Public classRhinoModifyObjectAttributesEventArgs
Public classRhinoObject
Represents an object in the document.

RhinoObjects should only ever be creatable by the RhinoDoc.

Public classRhinoObjectEventArgs
Public classRhinoObjectSelectionEventArgs
Public classRhinoReplaceObjectEventArgs
Public classRhinoTransformObjectsEventArgs
EventArgs passed to RhinoDoc.BeforeTransform.
Public classSurfaceObject
Represents a surface in a document.
Public classTextDotObject
Represents a text dot that is a document.
Public classTextObject
Represents a text object in a document.

This is a wrapper for CRhinoAnnotationText.

Public classTexture
Represents a texture that is mapped on objects.
Public classViewInfo
Represents the name and orientation of a View (and named view).

views can be thought of as cameras.

Public classViewportInfo
Represents a viewing frustum.
Public enumerationActiveSpace
Defines the current working space.
Public enumerationBasepointZero
Specifies enumerated constants used to indicate the zero level convention relating to a location on Earth.

This is used in conjunction with the EarthAnchorPoint class.

Public enumerationCoordinateSystem
Defines enumerated values for coordinate systems to use as references.
Public enumerationDimensionStyleArrowType
Public enumerationDisplayMode
Defines enumerated values for display modes, such as wireframe or shaded.
Public enumerationDistanceDisplayMode
Defines enumerated values for the display of distances in US customary and Imperial units.
Public enumerationHatchPatternFillType
Public enumerationInstanceDefinitionArchiveFileStatus
The archive file of a linked instance definition can have the following possible states. Use InstanceObject.ArchiveFileStatus to query a instance definition's archive file status.
Public enumerationInstanceDefinitionLayerStyle
A InstanceDefinitionUpdateType.Static or InstanceDefinitionUpdateType.LinkedAndEmbedded idef must have LayerStyle = Unset, a InstanceDefinitionUpdateType.Linked InstanceDefnition must have LayerStyle = Active or Reference
Public enumerationInstanceDefinitionUpdateType
The possible relationships between the instance definition geometry and the archive containing the original defition.
Public enumerationObjectColorSource
Defines enumerated values for the source of display color of single objects.
Public enumerationObjectDecoration
Defines bit mask values to represent object decorations.
Public enumerationObjectLinetypeSource
Defines enumerated values for the source of linetype of single objects.
Public enumerationObjectMaterialSource
Defines enumerated values for the source of material of single objects.
Public enumerationObjectMode
Defines enumerated values for the display and behavior of single objects.
Public enumerationObjectPlotColorSource
Defines enumerated values for the source of plotting/printing color of single objects.
Public enumerationObjectPlotWeightSource
Defines enumerated values for the source of plotting/printing weight of single objects.
Public enumerationObjectType
Defines binary mask values for each object type that can be found in a document.
Public enumerationSelectionMethod
Defines enumerated values for several kinds of selection methods.
Public enumerationTextDisplayAlignment
Defines enumerated values for the line alignment of text.
Public enumerationTextureCombineMode
Determines how this texture is combined with others in a material's texture list.
Public enumerationTextureType
The TextureType controls how the pixels in the bitmap are interpreted.
Public enumerationTextureUvwWrapping
Defines Texture UVW wrapping modes