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Rhino.Render Namespace
Rhino 5 for Windows

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Public classCachedTextureCoordinates
Used for cached texture coordinates
Public classContentUndoBlocker
Public classCreatePreviewEventArgs
Used in RenderPlugIn virtual CreatePreview function
Public classCreatePreviewEventArgsSceneObject
Public classCreateTexture2dPreviewEventArgs
Public classCustomRenderMeshProvider
You must call CustomRenderMeshProvider.RegisterProviders() from your plug-ins OnLoad override for each assembly containing a custom mesh provider. Only publicly exported classes derived from CustomRenderMeshProvider with a public constructor that has no parameters will get registered.
Public classDecal
Represents a decal, or a picture that can be moved on an object.
Public classDecals
Represents all the decals of an object.
Public classGroundPlane
Represents an infinite plane for implementation by renderers. See SupportsFeature.
Public classImageFile
Controls interaction with RDK render image files
Public classImageFileEventArgs
Public classMappingTag
Holds texture mapping information.
Public classNamedValue
Public classRenderContent
Public classRenderContentChangedEventArgs
Public classRenderContentEventArgs
Public classRenderContentFieldChangedEventArgs
Public classRenderContentSerializer
Used to import and export custom render content types such as materials, environments and textures. You must override RenderPlugIn.RenderContentSerializers() and return an array of derived RenderContentSerializer class types to add to the content browsers.
Public classRenderEndEventArgs
Contains information about why OnRenderEnd was called
Public classRenderEnvironment
Public classRenderEnvironmentTable
Public classRenderMaterial
Public classRenderMaterialBasicMaterialParameterNames
Parameter names for use in GetNamedParameter and SetNamedParameter with basic materials.
Public classRenderMaterialTable
Public classRenderPanels
This class is used to extend the standard Render user interface
Public classRenderPipeline
Provides facilities to a render plug-in for integrating with the standard Rhino render window. Also adds helper functions for processing a render scene. This is the suggested class to use when integrating a renderer with Rhino and maintaining a "standard" user interface that users will expect.
Public classRenderPrimitive
Public classRenderPrimitiveList
Public classRenderPropertyChangedEvent
Used by Rhino.Render object property value has changed events.
Public classRenderSettings
Contains settings used in rendering.
Public classRenderTabs
Public classRenderTexture
Public classRenderTextureTable
Public classRenderWindow
Public classRenderWindowChannel
Public classRenderWindowClonedEventArgs
Public classSimulatedEnvironment
Public classSimulatedTexture
Public classSun
Represents the Sun on a little portion of Earth.
Public classTextureEvaluator
Public classTextureMapping
Represents a texture mapping.
Public classTwoColorRenderTexture
Public classUtilities
Public enumerationCreatePreviewReason
Reason the content preview is being generated
Public enumerationDecalMapping
Public enumerationDecalProjection
Public enumerationImageFileEvent
Public enumerationPreviewSceneQuality
Quality levels when creating preview images
Public enumerationRenderContentChangeContexts
Context of a change to content parameters.
Public enumerationRenderContentExtraRequirementsSetContexts
Public enumerationRenderContentMatchDataResult
Return values for MatchData function
Public enumerationRenderContentShowContentChooserFlags
Public enumerationRenderContentKind
Defines constant values for all render content kinds, such as material, environment or texture.
Public enumerationRenderContentStyles
Public enumerationRenderMaterialPreviewBackgroundType
The default scene background for the image that appears in preview panes
Public enumerationRenderMaterialPreviewGeometryType
Geometry that appears in preview panes
Public enumerationRenderMaterialStandardChildSlots
Public enumerationRenderPanelType
Contains the custom user interfaces that may be provided
Public enumerationRenderPipelineRenderReturnCode
Public enumerationRenderPrimitiveType
Public enumerationRenderWindowStandardChannels
Public enumerationSimulatedEnvironmentBackgroundProjections
Public enumerationSimulatedTextureProjectionModes
Public enumerationTextureEnvironmentMappingMode
Public enumerationTextureMappingType
Defines enumerated constants for mapping types such as planar, cylindrical or spherical.
Public enumerationTextureProjectionMode
Public enumerationTextureWrapType