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Rhino.Runtime Namespace
Rhino 5 for Windows

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Public classAssemblyResolver
Assembly Resolver for the Rhino App Domain.
Public classCommonObject
Base class for .NET classes that wrap C++ unmanaged Rhino classes.
Public classDocumentCollectedException
Represents the error that happen when a class user attempts to execute a modifying operation on an object that has been added to a document.
Public classHostUtils
Contains static methods to deal with teh runtime environment.
Public classInterop
Contains static methods to marshal objects between RhinoCommon and legacy Rhino_DotNet or C++.
Public classPythonCompiledCode
Represents scripting compiled code.
Public classPythonScript
Represents a Python script.
Public classRdkNotLoadedException
Is thrown when the RDK is not loaded.
Public classSkin
Represents a customized environment that changes the appearance of Rhino.

Skin DLLs must contain a single class that derives from the Skin class.

Public delegateHostUtilsExceptionReportDelegate
Represents a reference to a method that will be called when an exception occurs.