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Flamingo Legacy Plant Browser

Demonstrates how to display the Flamingo nXt legacy plant browser using RhinoScript.


Option Explicit

Call Main()

Sub Main()
	Dim objPlugIn, plant
	On Error Resume Next
	Set objPlugIn = Rhino.GetPluginObject("8008880f-8d13-4b2d-92b0-727e12878a4c")
	If Err Then
		MsgBox Err.Description
		Exit Sub
	End If
  plant = objPlugIn.ModalFlamingo2PlantBrowser("", "", "")
  If Not IsNull(plant) Then
    Rhino.Print("Library(" & plant(0) & ") Folder(" & plant(1) & ") Plant(" & plant(2) & ")")
	End If
	Set objPlugIn = Nothing
End Sub