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NurbsCurveCreateSpiral Method (Point3d, Vector3d, Point3d, Double, Double, Double, Double)

Creates a C1 cubic NURBS approximation of a helix or spiral. For a helix, you may have radius0 == radius1. For a spiral radius0 == radius1 produces a circle. Zero and negative radii are permissible.

Namespace:  Rhino.Geometry
Assembly:  RhinoCommon (in RhinoCommon.dll)
Since: 5.2
public static NurbsCurve CreateSpiral(
	Point3d axisStart,
	Vector3d axisDir,
	Point3d radiusPoint,
	double pitch,
	double turnCount,
	double radius0,
	double radius1


Type: Rhino.GeometryPoint3d
Helix's axis starting point or center of spiral.
Type: Rhino.GeometryVector3d
Helix's axis vector or normal to spiral's plane.
Type: Rhino.GeometryPoint3d
Point used only to get a vector that is perpendicular to the axis. In particular, this vector must not be (anti)parallel to the axis vector.
Type: SystemDouble
The pitch, where a spiral has a pitch = 0, and pitch > 0 is the distance between the helix's "threads".
Type: SystemDouble
The number of turns in spiral or helix. Positive values produce counter-clockwise orientation, negative values produce clockwise orientation. Note, for a helix, turnCount * pitch = length of the helix's axis.
Type: SystemDouble
The starting radius.
Type: SystemDouble
The ending radius.

Return Value

Type: NurbsCurve
NurbsCurve on success, null on failure.
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