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SilhouetteCompute Method (GeometryBase, SilhouetteType, Point3d, Double, Double)

Compute silhouettes of a shape for a perspective projection.

Namespace:  Rhino.Geometry
Assembly:  RhinoCommon (in RhinoCommon.dll)
public static Silhouette[] Compute(
	GeometryBase geometry,
	SilhouetteType silhouetteType,
	Point3d perspectiveCameraLocation,
	double tolerance,
	double angleToleranceRadians


Type: Rhino.GeometryGeometryBase
Geometry whose silhouettes need to be computed. Can be Brep, BrepFace, Mesh, or Extrusion.
Type: Rhino.GeometrySilhouetteType
Types of silhouette to compute.
Type: Rhino.GeometryPoint3d
Location of perspective camera.
Type: SystemDouble
Tolerance to use for determining projecting relationships. Surfaces and curves that are closer than tolerance, may be treated as projecting. When in doubt use RhinoDoc.ModelAbsoluteTolerance.
Type: SystemDouble
Angular tolerance to use for determining projecting relationships. A surface normal N that satisfies N o cameraDirection < Sin(angleToleranceRadians) may be considered projecting. When in doubt use RhinoDoc.ModelAngleToleranceRadians.

Return Value

Type: Silhouette
Array of silhouette curves.
Version Information

Rhino for Windows

Supported in: 6.27
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