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PlugInGetLicense Method (LicenseCapabilities, String, ValidateProductKeyDelegate, OnLeaseChangedDelegate)

Verifies that there is a valid product license for your plug-in, using the Rhino licensing system. If the plug-in is installed as a standalone node, the locally installed license will be validated. If the plug-in is installed as a network node, a loaner license will be requested by the system's assigned Zoo server. If the Zoo server finds and returns a license, then this license will be validated. If no license is found, then the user will be prompted to provide a license key, which will be validated.

Namespace:  Rhino.PlugIns
Assembly:  RhinoCommon (in RhinoCommon.dll)
protected bool GetLicense(
	LicenseCapabilities licenseCapabilities,
	string textMask,
	ValidateProductKeyDelegate validateProductKeyDelegate,
	OnLeaseChangedDelegate leaseChangedDelegate


Type: Rhino.PlugInsLicenseCapabilities
In the event that a license was not found, or if the user wants to change the way your plug-in is licenses, then provide what capabilities your license has by using this enumeration flag.
Type: SystemString
In the event that the user needs to be asked for a license, then you can provide a text mask, which helps the user to distinguish between proper and improper user input of your license code. Note, if you do not want to use a text mask, then pass in a null value for this parameter. For more information on text masks, search MSDN for the System.Windows.Forms.MaskedTextBox class.
Type: Rhino.PlugInsValidateProductKeyDelegate
Since the Rhino licensing system knows nothing about your product license, you will need to validate the product license provided by the Rhino licensing system. This is done by supplying a callback function, or delegate, that can be called to perform the validation.
Type: Rhino.PlugInsOnLeaseChangedDelegate
Called by the ZooClient when the cloud zoo lease is changed.

Return Value

Type: Boolean
true if a valid license was found. false otherwise.
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