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RenderContentBeginChange Method

Begins a change or batch of changes. This returns a reference to the content which you should use to make your changes. It may also make a copy of the content state allowing EndChange to send an event with the old and new contents. Calls to this method are counted; you must call EndChange() once for every call to BeginChange(). Note: If Changed() was called between the calls to BeginChange() and EndChange(), the last call to EndChange() may cause the ContentChanged event to be sent.

Namespace:  Rhino.Render
Assembly:  RhinoCommon (in RhinoCommon.dll)
Since: 6.0
public void BeginChange(
	RenderContentChangeContexts changeContext


Type: Rhino.RenderRenderContentChangeContexts
the change context. If this is kUI, kProgram, kDrop or kTree, the content will be copied. EndChange() will then send the copy as 'old' in the OnContentChanged event. Note: If you override this method, please be sure to call the base class. EndChangeContentChanged
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