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RenderContentEdit Method

This method allows a render content hierarchy to be edited using a modal (AKA 'pop-up') editor. If the original render content is in a document, it will remain there, and the edited one will be 'free-floating'. Therefore it is the caller's responsibility to do any replacement in the document if required. The returned new content will be owned by the caller.

Namespace:  Rhino.Render
Assembly:  RhinoCommon (in RhinoCommon.dll)
Since: 6.13
public RenderContent Edit()

Return Value

Type: RenderContent
Returns an edited version of the content hierarchy if successful, else null. The method always edits the entire hierarchy. It places a copy of the hierarchy in the editor and selects the copied item that corresponds to this one. Therefore, editing a child will return a top-level render content, not a child.
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