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Rhino.Commands Namespace

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Public classCommand
Defines a base class for all commands. This class is abstract.
Public classCommandEventArgs
Public classCommandStyleAttribute
Decorates commands to provide styles.
Public classCustomUndoEventArgs
Argument package that is passed to a custom undo delegate
Public classMostRecentCommandDescription
Stores the macro and display string of the most recent command.
Public classSelCommand
For adding nestable whole object and subobject selection commands, derive your command from SelCommand and override the abstract SelFilter and virtual SelSubObjectFilter functions.
Public classTransformCommand
Public classUndoRedoEventArgs
Public enumerationResult
Defines enumerated constant values for several command result types.
Public enumerationRunMode
Provides enumerated constants for a command running mode. This is currently interactive or scripted.
Public enumerationStyle
Defines bitwise mask flags for different styles of commands, such as Hidden or DoNotRepeat.