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Rhino.DocObjects.Custom Namespace

[Missing <summary> documentation for "N:Rhino.DocObjects.Custom"]

Public classClassIdAttribute
Useful for legacy UserData
Public classCustomBrepObject
Public classCustomCurveObject
Public classCustomGripObject
Public classCustomMeshObject
Public classCustomObjectGrips
Public classCustomPointObject
Public classGripsDrawEventArgs
Public classGripStatus
Public classUnknownUserData
Represents user data with unknown origin.
Public classUserData
Provides a base class for custom classes of information which may be attached to geometry or attribute classes.
Public classUserDataList
Represents a collection of user data.
Public classUserDataListEnumerator
Enumerator for UserDataList
Public classUserDictionary
Defines the storage data class for a user dictionary.
Public delegateTurnOnGripsEventHandler