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Rhino.DocObjects.Tables Namespace

[Missing <summary> documentation for "N:Rhino.DocObjects.Tables"]

Public classBitmapTable
Stores the list of bitmaps in a Rhino document.
Public classDimStyleTable
Public classDimStyleTableEventArgs
Public classFontTable
Font tables store the list of fonts in a Rhino document.
The FontTable is now just a wrapper around the DimStyles table.
Public classGroupTable
Group tables store the list of groups in a Rhino document.
Public classGroupTableEventArgs
Contains group table event data.
Public classHatchPatternTable
All of the hatch pattern definitions contained in a rhino document.
Public classInstanceDefinitionTable
Public classInstanceDefinitionTableEventArgs
Public classLayerTable
Public classLayerTableEventArgs
Public classLightTable
Public classLightTableEventArgs
Public classLinetypeTable
Public classMaterialTable
Public classMaterialTableEventArgs
Public classNamedConstructionPlaneTable
Contains all named construction planes in a rhino document.

This class cannot be inherited.

Public classNamedLayerStateTable
All named layer states in a Rhino document.
Public classNamedPositionTable
All named positions in a rhino document.
Public classNamedViewTable
All named views in a rhino document.
Public classObjectTable
Public classRhinoDocCommonTableT
Public classRuntimeDocumentDataTable
Collection of document runtime data. This is a good place to put non-serialized, per document data.
Public classSnapshotTable
All snapshots in a rhino document.
Public classStringTable
Collection of document user data strings
Public classViewTable