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Rhino.FileIO Namespace

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Public classBinaryArchiveException
Thrown by BinaryArchiveReader and BinaryArchiveWriter classes when an IO error has occurred.
Public classBinaryArchiveFile
Public classBinaryArchiveReader
Represents an entity that is capable of reading a binary archive and instantiating strongly-typed objects.
Public classBinaryArchiveWriter
Represents an entity that is able to write data to an archive.
Public classCommonComponentTableT
Provides a base table type that encompasses all document tables, both in RhinoDoc and File3dm.
Public classContentHash
Contains information that is useful to uniquely identify an object.
This object is immutable.
Public classDracoCompression
Google Draco compression for mesh and point cloud data
Public classDracoCompressionOptions
Options for applying Draco compression
Public classFile3dm
Represents a 3dm file, which is stored using the OpenNURBS file standard.

The 3dm format is the main Rhinoceros storage format.

Visit for more details.

Public classFile3dmCommonComponentTableT
Provides a base table type that is shared among all File3dm tables.
Public classFile3dmDimStyleTable
Provides access to annotation styles in the 3dm file.
Public classFile3dmGroupTable
Provides access to groups in the 3dm file.
Public classFile3dmHatchPatternTable
Provides access to hatch pattern definitions in the 3dm file.
Public classFile3dmInstanceDefinitionTable
Provides access to instance (block) definitions in the 3dm file.
Public classFile3dmLayerTable
Provides access to layers in the 3dm file.
Public classFile3dmLinetypeTable
Provides access to Linetypes in the 3dm file.
Public classFile3dmMaterialTable
Provides access to materials in the 3dm file.
Public classFile3dmNamedConstructionPlanes
Provides access to named construction planes in the 3dm file.
Public classFile3dmNotes
Represents the notes information stored in a 3dm file.
Public classFile3dmObject
Used to store geometry table object definition and attributes in a File3dm.
Public classFile3dmObjectTable
Represents a simple object table for a file that is open externally.

This class mimics Rhino.DocObjects.Tables.ObjectTable while providing external access to the file.

Public classFile3dmPlugInData
Represents custom plug-in data, in the 3dm file, written by a plug-in.
Public classFile3dmPlugInDataTable
Table of custom data provided by plug-ins
Public classFile3dmSettings
General settings in a 3dm file.
Public classFile3dmStringTable
Provides access to document strings in the 3dm file.
Public classFile3dmTypeCodes
Typecode format 4 bytes long
x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,x xxx xxxx xxxx x x xx
| |               | |               | |  |
|        |        |                 |
|        |        |         |       +---  "stuff" bit
|        |        |         |
|        |        |         +-- specific codes
|        |        |
|        |        +-- RESERVED - DO NOT USE (should be 0) (will be used to control CRC on/off)
|        |
|        +-- category:_000 0000 0000 0001  Legacy geometry    TCODE_LEGACY_GEOMETRY
|                     _000 0000 0000 0010  openNURBS object   TCODE_OPENNURBS_OBJECT
|                     _000 0000 0000 0100  -- RESERVED - DO NOT USE (should be 0 in any typecode) -- 
|                     _000 0000 0000 1000  -- RESERVED - DO NOT USE (should be 0 in any typecode) --                     
|                     _000 0000 0001 0000  Geometry           TCODE_GEOMETRY
|                     _000 0000 0010 0000  Annotation
|                     _000 0000 0100 0000  Display Attributes TCODE_DISPLAY
|                     _000 0000 1000 0000  Rendering          TCODE_RENDER     
|                     _000 0001 0000 0000                         
|                     _000 0010 0000 0000  Interface          TCODE_INTERFACE 
|                     _000 0100 0000 0000  -- RESERVED - DO NOT USE (should be 0 in any typecode) --
|                     _000 1000 0000 0000  Tolerances         TCODE_TOLERANCE
|                     _001 0000 0000 0000  Tables             TCODE_TABLE    
|                     _010 0000 0000 0000  Table record       TCODE_TABLEREC
|                     _100 0000 0000 0000  User information   TCODE_USER
+-- format: 0 - data size in header  - data block follows    TCODE_SHORT
            1 - data in header - no data block follows
Public classFile3dmViewTable
Provides access to views in the 3dm file.
Public classFile3dmWriteOptions
Options used by File3dm.Write
Public classFileObj
Support for obj file format
Public classFileObjReadOptions
Options used when reading an obj file.
Public classFileObjWriteOptions
Public classFilePdf
Support for PDF file format
Public classFilePdfEventArgs
Used for events that are fired while constructing/saving a PDF
Public classFilePly
Support for ply file format
Public classFilePlyWriteOptions
Public classFileReadOptions
Public classFileReference
Manages a reference to an existing or non-existing file, using either or both absolute or relative paths. Once constructed, this class is immutable.
Public classFileSlc
Support for writing slice (SLC) file format
Public classFileSlcWriteOptions
Options used when writing a SLC file
Public classFileStp
Support for writing STEP (STP) file format
Public classFileStpWriteOptions
Options used when writing a STP file
Public classFileType
Public classFileWriteOptions
Public classImageFile
Support functions for image files
Public classManifestTable
Maintains an index to every model component that is in the 3dm file. This is the "more comprehensive" table that contains all objects in all other tables.
Public classNameHash
Contains information that is useful to uniquely identify an object name.
This object is immutable.
Public classSerializationOptions
Contains options for serializing -or storing- data, such as Rhino version and user data.
Public classSHA1OpenNURBS
Provides the OpenNURBS implementation of SHA1.

This class is provided only with the purpose of hashing. It is not meant to be used for any cryptographic purpose.

Public classTextLog
Used for collecting text data
Public interfaceICommonComponentTableT
Provides methods to use all File3dm and RhinoDoc tables under the same contract. Do not derive from this interface. This is to ensure all tables can be used with the same method list.
Public enumerationBinaryArchiveMode
Public enumerationDracoColorFormat
Color format for vertex colors
Public enumerationFile3dmObjectTypeFilter
Public enumerationFile3dmTableTypeFilter
Public enumerationFileFindPreference
Defines options for file search.
Public enumerationFileObjReadOptionsUseObjGsAs
Determines how "g"s in the obj file will be interpreted on import
Public enumerationFileObjWriteOptionsAsciiEol
End of Line
Public enumerationFileObjWriteOptionsCurveType
Type of curve used for trimmed surfaces
Public enumerationFileObjWriteOptionsGeometryType
(trimmed) NURBS surfaces may be exported as either NURBS or meshes
Public enumerationFileObjWriteOptionsNGons
Public enumerationFileObjWriteOptionsObjGroupNames
Public enumerationFileObjWriteOptionsObjObjectNames
Public enumerationFileObjWriteOptionsSubDMeshing
Determines whether the surface or control net of a SubD object is used to generate a mesh
Public enumerationFileObjWriteOptionsVertexWelding
Determines how/if vertexes of the mesh in Rhino will be modified in the output
Public enumerationFileReferenceStatus
Enumerates a list of file statuses.