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Rhino.PlugIns Namespace

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Public classCustomRenderSaveFileTypes
Public classDigitizerPlugIn
Public classFileExportPlugIn
Public classFileImportPlugIn
Public classFileTypeList
Public classLicenseChangedEventArgs
Public classLicenseData
Zoo plugin license data.
Public classLicenseIdAttribute
Public classLicenseLease
LicenseLease represents a lease returned from the Cloud Zoo
Public classLicenseLeaseChangedEventArgs
Arguments for OnLeaseChangedDelegate
Public classLicenseStatus
LicenseStatus class.
Public classLicenseUtils
License Manager Utilities.
Public classPlugIn
Public classPlugInDescriptionAttribute
Public classPlugInInfo
Contains detailed information about a Rhino plug-in.
Public classPreviewNotification
Public classRenderPlugIn
Public delegateCustomRenderSaveFileTypesSaveFileHandler
Called when a user chooses to save a rendered scene as this custom file type.
Public delegateOnLeaseChangedDelegate
Called by Rhino to signal that a lease from Rhino Accounts has changed. If LicenseLeaseChangedEventArgs.Lease is null, then the server has signaled that this product is no longer licensed. Your plug-in must change behavior to behave appropriately.
Public delegateValidateProductKeyDelegate
Validates a product key or license.
Public delegateVerifyLicenseKeyDelegate
Called by Rhino to verify a license key. For details, see
Public delegateVerifyPreviousVersionLicenseDelegate
Called by GetLicense/AskUserForLicense to verify that a previous version license.
Public enumerationDescriptionType
Public enumerationLicenseBuildType
License build contentType enumerations.
Public enumerationLicenseCapabilities
Controls the buttons that will appear on the license notification window that is displayed if a license for the requesting product is not found. Note, the "Close" button will always be displayed.
Public enumerationLicenseType
LicenseType enumeration.
Public enumerationLoadPlugInResult
Result of attempting to load a plug-in
Public enumerationLoadReturnCode
Public enumerationPlugInLoadTime
Public enumerationPlugInType
Public enumerationRenderPlugInPreviewRenderTypes
Public enumerationRenderPlugInRenderFeature
Public enumerationValidateResult
ValidateProductKeyDelegate result code.
Public enumerationWriteFileResult