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Rhino.Render.ChangeQueue Namespace

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Public classChangeQueue
Base class for ChangeQueue. Generally used by render plugins to build interactive updating of scenes that are being rendered.
Public classClippingPlane
ChangeQueue clipping plane
Public classDisplayRenderSettings
ChangeQueue DisplayRenderSettings
Public classDynamicObjectTransform
ChangeQueue DynamicObject
Public classEnvironment
ChangeQueue environment
Public classGroundPlane
ChangeQueue ground plane
Public classLight
ChangeQueue Light change representation
Public classMappingChannel
Mapping Channel for a ChangeQueue Mesh
Public classMappingChannelCollection
MappingChannels for a Mesh
Public classMaterial
Representation of a Material through the change queue
Public classMesh
Representation of ChangeQueue Mesh
Public classMeshInstance
Representation of ChangeQueue MeshInstance
Public classSkylight
ChangeQueue skylight