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Rhino.Runtime.Notifications Namespace

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Public classNotification
A Notification instance can be used to inform the user about various events. For a Notification instance to be displayed in Rhino, it must be added to the NotificationCenter. When added, it will be displayed in the Notifications panel in Rhino. A Notification contains 1 to 3 buttons that are automatically wired to its ButtonClicked Action if it is not null. The buttons are displayed when the Notification is shown modally by either the user clicking on a particular notification in the Notifications panel, or by programatically showing it using ShowModal. Currently, only process-wide notifications are supported; document specific notifications are not possible. Notification instances contain metadata that can be added, modified, or removed during its life. The metadata is important for LINQ queries and other patterns. For example, a particular action may require that multiple notifications be modified. Thus, a LINQ query can be performed on the NotificationCenter using metadata to retrieve related Notification objects and modify them as a batch. Notification objects implement IAssemblyRestrictedObject. By default, a Notification can be editedby any assembly, but explicitly specifing allowed assemblies in the constructor changes this behavior. Notification objects are not thread-safe and should only be manipulated in UI thread.
Public classNotificationButtonClickedArgs
Used when a button is clicked for a notification.
Public classNotificationCenter
The NotificationCenter holds all Notification objects that are displayed in the Notifications panel by Rhino. The NotificationCenter is not thread-safe and should only be used in the UI thread.
Public classTrulyObservableOrderedSetT
An ordered set that notifies its subscribers whenever one of its INotifyPropertyChanged elements raises its PropertyChanged event.
Public interfaceIAssemblyRestrictedObject
A class that implements this interface signals its clients that its instances can only be modified by certain assemblies. This is useful in cases where only certain assemblies should be able to modify an object. The actual members of an instance that are restricted are left to the discretion of the instance's class, and should be documented.
Public enumerationButtonType
The type of button in a notification.
Public enumerationNotificationSeverity
Determines the severity of a notification.