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Rhino.Runtime.RhinoAccounts Namespace

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Public classRhinoAccoountsProgressInfo
This class is designed to convey the progress of an asynchronous operation through .NET's IProgressT interface. It can be used by callers of such tasks to relay the tasks' progress, as well as useful metadata information that may be of interest.
Public classRhinoAccountsAuthTokenMismatchException
Exception thrown when the currently logged in user is different from the newly logged in user.
Public classRhinoAccountsCannotListenException
Exception thrown when there is no port available on the machine for Rhino to listen for Rhino Accounts' response.
Public classRhinoAccountsException
Base exception for all Rhino Accounts operations.
Public classRhinoAccountsGroup
Represents a Rhino Accounts group.
Public classRhinoAccountsInvalidResponseException
Exception thrown when the response returned by Rhino Accounts is not valid.
Public classRhinoAccountsInvalidStateException
Occurs when the state returned by the Rhino Accounts server is not the same as the one sent to the server. It usually indicates the request has been tampered with.
Public classRhinoAccountsInvalidTokenException
Exception thrown when the token returned by Rhino Accounts is not valid.
Public classRhinoAccountsManager
Performs various Rhino Accounts-related tasks.
Public classRhinoAccountsOperationInProgressException
Exception thrown when there is already a Rhino Accounts operation taking place.
Public classRhinoAccountsProxyException
Exception thrown when there is a problem with a proxy setting during a Rhino Accounts operation.
Public classRhinoAccountsServerException
Exception thrown when the Rhino Accounts server returned an unsuccessful HTTP response with a code of 400 or greater.
Public classRhinoAccountsServerNotReachableException
Exception thrown when the Rhino Accounts server cannot be reached due to a network problem.
Public classSecretKey
An instance of this of this class is given to the function you pass to ExceuteProtectedCodeAsync and must be passed to any method of the RhinoAccountsManager that requires it. Failure to do so will throw an InvalidOperationException.
Public interfaceIOAuth2Token
Represents an OAuth2 Token that can be used for authorization purposes.
Public interfaceIOpenIDConnectToken
This class represents an OpenIDConnect token issued from an OpenID provider. The token is immutable.
Public interfaceIRhinoAccountsManager
Performs various Rhino Accounts-related tasks.
Public enumerationProgressState
Describes the state of progress.