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Rhino.UI Namespace

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Public classDialogs
Public classDrawingUtilities
RhinoCommon Drawing Utilities
Public classFonts
Public classGetColorEventArgs
Public classLOC
Used a placeholder which is used by LocalizationProcessor application to create contextId mapped localized strings.
Public classLocalization
Public classLocalizeStringPair
Pair of strings used for localization.
Public classMouseCallback
Used for intercepting mouse events in the Rhino views.
Public classMouseCallbackEventArgs
Public classMouseCursor
Contains static methods to control the mouse icon.
Public classNamedColor
An entry with name and color for the NamedColorList
Public classNamedColorList
A list of color name/value pairs.
Public classObjectPropertiesPage
Base class used to add object property user interface panels
Public classObjectPropertiesPageCollection
Passed to Rhino.PlugIns.PlugIn.ObjectPropertiesPages to allow a plug-in to add custom ObjectPropertiesPage pages to the Rhino properties panel.
Public classObjectPropertiesPageEventArgs
Public classOpenFileDialog
Similar to the System.Windows.Forms.OpenFileDialog, but with customized Rhino user interface.
Public classOptionsDialogPage
Public classPanelEventArgs
Panels.Show event arguments
Public classPanelIds
Standard Rhino panel Id's
Public classPanels
Access to Rhino panels and register custom panels
Public classRhinoHelp
Provides access to the built in Rhino help system
Public classRhinoPageInterop
For internal use only, provides access to unmanaged core Rhino.
Public classRuiUpdateUi
Public classSaveFileDialog
Similar to the System.Windows.Forms.SaveFileDialog, but with customized Rhino user interface.
Public classShowPanelEventArgs
Panels.Show event arguments
Public classStackedDialogPage
Base class to inherit from for the addition of stacked dialog pages.
Public classStatusBar
Contains static methods to control the application status bar.
Public classToolbar
Public classToolbarFile
Public classToolbarFileCollection
Public classToolbarGroup
Public classWaitCursor
Public interfaceIDialogService
Public interfaceIHelp
Implement this class to add help to a modeless UI panel.
Public interfaceILocalizationService
Public interfaceIPanel
Public interfaceIPanelsService
For internal use, the IPanels service is implemented in RhinoWindows or RhinoMac as appropriate and handles the communication with core Rhino
Public interfaceIRhinoUiDialogService
Used by Rhino.UI.Dialogs to access generic Eto dialogs from Rhino Common
Public interfaceIStackedDialogPageService
For internal use, the IStackedDialogPageService service is implemented in RhinoWindows or RhinoMac as appropriate and handles the communication with core Rhino
Public delegateDialogsOnColorChangedEvent
May be optionally passed to ShowColorDialog and will get called when the color value changes in the color dialog.
Public delegateRuiUpdateUiUpdateMenuItemEventHandler
Menu item update delegate
Public enumerationCursorStyle
Standard mouse cursors in Rhino
Public enumerationDistanceDisplayMode
Public enumerationFontsSize
Size for UI font.
Public enumerationFontsStyle
Style for UI font.
Public enumerationModifierKey
Public enumerationMouseButton
Public enumerationOptionPageButtons
Standard IRhinoOptionsPageButton
Public enumerationPanelsFloatPanelMode
Used by the FloatPanel method to determine if the floating panel should be shown or hidden.
Public enumerationPanelType
Panel type
Public enumerationPropertyPageType
IRhinoProperties page type
Public enumerationRhinoGetPlotWidthArgs
Argument flags passed to methods used to get Rhino plot width lists
Public enumerationRhinoPlotWidthType
Supported plot width special types
Public enumerationRhinoPlotWidthValue
Default width values used by UI objects to represent different states
Public enumerationShowMessageButton
Public enumerationShowMessageDefaultButton
Public enumerationShowMessageIcon
Public enumerationShowMessageMode
Public enumerationShowMessageOptions
Public enumerationShowMessageResult
Public enumerationShowPanelReason
OnShowDockbar event type