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Rhino.UI.Controls Namespace

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Public classCollapsibleSectionHolderImpl
Public classCollapsibleSectionImpl
Public classCollapsibleSectionImplFactory
Public classCollapsibleSectionViewModel
Derive from this class to implement your own view model that wraps around a built in implementation of IRdkViewModel. Use GetData etc to implement your properties.
Public classContentUI
This class represents the user interface (UI) of a content. A content's UI appears inside an editor which is represented by IRhRdkContentEditor.The UI is the part of the editor which allows the user to view and modify the persistent state of the selected content(s). This interface is implemented by RDK internally in the core content class, CRhRdkCoreContent. If you do not override CRhRdkCoreContent::CreateUI() you do not have to concern yourself with the details.If however, you do want to override CreateUI() to create your own custom UI, then you must derive your UI class from CRhRdkCustomContentUI and implement this interface to support your own UI design. \note CRhRdkCustomContentUI implements some of this interface for you.
Public classDelegates
Public classExpandableContentUI
This class extends ContentUI to represent the default user interface which the RDK provides for a content.This is the UI created by the default implementation of CRhRdkCoreContent::CreateUI(). The main feature of this implementation is a 'holder' containing one or more expandable 'sections' (AKA 'roll-ups').
Public classFactoryBase
Base class for CollapsibleSection and ViewModel factories used by the RDK UI
Public classInternalRdkViewModelFactory
Public classUndoRecord
Undo Record