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CursorTooltipSettingsState Properties

The CursorTooltipSettingsState type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAutoSuppress
Attempts to display only the most useful tooltip.
Public propertyBackgroundColor
Tooltip background color.
Public propertyCommandPromptPane
Displays the current command prompt.
Public propertyDistancePane
Displays the distance from the last picked point.
Public propertyOffset
The x and y distances in pixels from the cursor location to the tooltip.
Public propertyOsnapPane
Displays the current object snap selection.
Public propertyPointPane
Displays the current construction plane coordinates.
Public propertyRelativePointPane
Displays the relative construction plane coordinates and angle from the last picked point.
Public propertyTextColor
Tooltip text color.
Public propertyTooltipsEnabled
Turns on/off cursor tooltips.
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