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FileSettings Properties

The FileSettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberAutoSaveEnabled
Enables or disables Rhino's automatic file saving mechanism.
Public propertyStatic memberAutoSaveFile
the file name used by Rhino's automatic file saving mechanism.
Public propertyStatic memberAutoSaveInterval
how often the document will be saved when Rhino's automatic file saving mechanism is enabled.
Public propertyStatic memberAutoSaveMeshes
save render and display meshes in autosave file.
Public propertyStatic memberClipboardCopyToPreviousRhinoVersion
Gets or sets a value that decides if copies to the clipboard are performed in both the current and previous Rhino clipboard formats. This means you will double the size of what is saved in the clipboard but will be able to copy from the current to the previous version using the clipboard.
Public propertyStatic memberClipboardOnExit
Gets or sets a value that determines what to do with clipboard data on exit.
Public propertyStatic memberCreateBackupFiles
Gets or sets a value that controls the creation of backup files.
Public propertyStatic memberDefaultRuiFile
Gets the path to the default RUI file.
Public propertyStatic memberExecutableFolder
Returns the directory where the main Rhino executable is located.
Public propertyStatic memberFileLockingEnabled
Ensure that only one person at a time can have a file open for saving.
Public propertyStatic memberFileLockingOpenWarning
Gets or sets whether to display the information dialog which identifies computer files.
Public propertyStatic memberHelpFilePath
Gets the Rhino help file path.
Public propertyStatic memberInstallFolder
Returns Rhino's installation folder.
Public propertyStatic memberLocalProfileDataFolder
Get full path to a Rhino specific sub-folder under the per-user Local (non-roaming) Profile folder. This is the folder where user-specific data is stored. On Windows 7, 8, usually someplace like: "C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\McNeel\Rhinoceros\[VERSION_NUMBER]\"
Public propertyStatic memberSaveViewChanges
true for users who consider view changes a document change.
Public propertyStatic memberSearchPathCount
Gets the amount of search paths that are currently defined.
Public propertyStatic memberTemplateFile
Returns or sets the location of Rhino's template file.
Public propertyStatic memberTemplateFolder
Returns or sets the location of Rhino's template files.
Public propertyStatic memberWorkingFolder
Returns or sets Rhino's working directory, or folder. The working folder is the default folder for all file operations.
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