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ViewCaptureSettings Properties

The ViewCaptureSettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyArrowheadSizeMillimeters
arrowhead size in millimeters
Public propertyCropRectangle
Actual area of output rectangle that view capture is sent to.
Public propertyDefaultPrintWidthMillimeters
Line thickness used to print objects with no defined thickness (in mm)
Public propertyDocument
Public propertyDrawAxis
Public propertyDrawBackground
Public propertyDrawBackgroundBitmap
Public propertyDrawClippingPlanes
Public propertyDrawGrid
Public propertyDrawLights
Public propertyDrawLockedObjects
Public propertyDrawMargins
Public propertyDrawSelectedObjectsOnly
Public propertyDrawWallpaper
Public propertyFooterText
Text drawn at the bottom of the output
Public propertyHeaderText
Text drawn at the top of the output
Public propertyIsScaleToFit
Returns true if the model has been scaled to fit.
Public propertyIsValid
Public propertyMatchLinetypePatternDefinition
Default is true. Linetype scales are normally generated right before printing/view capture in order to get linetypes to print to the same lengths as defined. If false, the linetypes are not scaled and the current pattern lengths as seen on the screen as used.
Public propertyMediaSize
Total size of the image or page in dots
Public propertyModelScaleType
Public propertyOffsetAnchor
Public propertyOutputColor
Public propertyPointSizeMillimeters
size of point objects in millimeters if scale <= 0 the size is minimized so points are always drawn as small as possible
Public propertyRasterMode
Public propertyResolution
Capture "density" in dots per inch
Public propertyUsePrintWidths
Public propertyViewArea
How the RhinoViewport is mapped to the output rectangle
Public propertyWireThicknessScale
scaling factor to apply to object print widths (typically 1.0). This is helpful when printing something at 1/2 scale and having all of the curves print 1/2 as thick
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