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GripsDrawEventArgs Properties

The GripsDrawEventArgs type exposes the following members.

Public propertyControlPolygonStyle
What kind of line is used to display things like control polygons. 0 = no control polygon, 1 = solid control polygon, 2 = dotted control polygon.
Public propertyDisplay (Inherited from DrawEventArgs.)
Public propertyDrawDynamicStuff
If true, then draw stuff that does not move when grips are dragged, like the control polygon of the "original" curve.
Public propertyDrawStaticStuff
If true, then draw stuff that moves when grips are dragged, like the curve being bent by a dragged control point.
Public propertyGripColor
Public propertyGripStatusCount
Public propertyLockedGripColor
Public propertyRhinoDoc (Inherited from DrawEventArgs.)
Public propertySelectedGripColor
Public propertyViewport (Inherited from DrawEventArgs.)
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