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Font Properties

The Font type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBold
Public propertyDescription
Returns a long description that includes family, face, weight, stretch and style information. Generally not useful for finding matching fonts.
Public propertyEnglishFaceName
Returns English Face name
Public propertyEnglishFamilyName
Public propertyEnglishQuartetName
Public propertyFaceName
Returns Face name
Public propertyFamilyName
Public propertyFamilyPlusFaceName
Returns concatenated Family and Face names
Public propertyIsEngravingFont
Public propertyIsSimulated
Public propertyIsSingleStrokeFont
Public propertyIsSymbolFont
Public propertyItalic
Public propertyLogfontName
Returns Windows LOGFONT Face name
Public propertyPointSize
Public propertyPostScriptName
Returns the Font PostScriptName - "Apple font name"
Public propertyQuartetName
Public propertyRichTextFontName
Returns the Font RichTextFontName used in RTF strings: {\\fonttbl...{\\fN RichTextFontName;}...}
Public propertyStrikeout
Public propertyStyle
Public propertyUnderlined
Public propertyWeight
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