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MaterialTable Properties

The MaterialTable type exposes the following members.

Public propertyComponentType (Overrides CommonComponentTableTComponentType.)
Public propertyCount
Returns number of materials in the material table, including deleted materials.

In Rhino for Windows 6.6, this member is inherited from CommonComponentTableTCount.
Public propertyCurrentMaterialIndex
At all times, there is a "current" material. Unless otherwise specified, new objects are assigned to the current material. The current material is never locked, hidden, or deleted.
Public propertyCurrentMaterialSource
Gets or sets the current material source.
Public propertyDocument
Document that owns this table.

In Rhino for Windows 6.6, this member is inherited from RhinoDocCommonTableTDocument.
Public propertyItem
Conceptually, the material table is an array of materials. The operator[] can be used to get individual materials. A material is either active or deleted and this state is reported by Material.IsDeleted.
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