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Brep Properties

The Brep type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCurves2D
Parameter space trimming curves (used by trims)
Public propertyCurves3D
Pointers to 3d curves (used by edges)
Public propertyDisposed
Indicates if this object has been disposed or the document it originally belonged to has been disposed.
(Inherited from CommonObject.)
Public propertyEdges
Gets the brep edges list accessor.
Public propertyFaces
Gets the brep faces list accessor.
Public propertyHasBrepForm
Returns true if the Brep.TryConvertBrep function will be successful for this object
(Inherited from GeometryBase.)
Public propertyHasRegionTopology
Returns true if the Brep has region topology information, false otherwise.
Public propertyHasUserData
Gets true if this class has any custom information attached to it through UserData.
(Inherited from CommonObject.)
Public propertyIsDeformable
true if object can be accurately modified with "squishy" transformations like projections, shears, and non-uniform scaling.
(Inherited from GeometryBase.)
Public propertyIsDocumentControlled
If true this object may not be modified. Any properties or functions that attempt to modify this object when it is set to "IsReadOnly" will throw a NotSupportedException.
(Inherited from GeometryBase.)
Public propertyIsManifold
Gets a value indicating whether or not the Brep is manifold. Non-Manifold breps have at least one edge that is shared among three or more faces.
Public propertyCode exampleIsSolid
Determines whether this brep is a solid, or a closed oriented manifold.
Public propertyIsSurface
Returns true if the Brep has a single face and that face is geometrically the same as the underlying surface. I.e., the face has trivial trimming.

In this case, the surface is the first face surface. The flag Brep.Faces[0].OrientationIsReversed records the correspondence between the surface's natural parametric orientation and the orientation of the Brep.

trivial trimming here means that there is only one loop curve in the brep and that loop curve is the same as the underlying surface boundary.

Public propertyIsValid
Tests an object to see if it is valid.
(Inherited from CommonObject.)
Public propertyLoops
Gets the brep loop list accessor.
Public propertyObjectType
Useful for switch statements that need to differentiate between basic object types like points, curves, surfaces, and so on.
(Inherited from GeometryBase.)
Public propertySolidOrientation
Gets the solid orientation state of this Brep.
Public propertySurfaces
Parametric surfaces used by faces
Public propertyTrims
Gets the brep trims list accessor.
Public propertyUserData
List of custom information that is attached to this class.
(Inherited from CommonObject.)
Public propertyUserDictionary
Dictionary of custom information attached to this class. The dictionary is actually user data provided as an easy to use sharable set of information.
(Inherited from CommonObject.)
Public propertyUserStringCount
Gets the amount of user strings.
(Inherited from GeometryBase.)
Public propertyVertices
Gets the brep vertices list accessor.
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