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BrepFace Properties

The BrepFace type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBrep
Gets the Brep that owns this face.
Public propertyDisposed
Indicates if this object has been disposed or the document it originally belonged to has been disposed.
(Inherited from CommonObject.)
Public propertyFaceIndex
Index of face in Brep.Faces array.
Public propertyHasBrepForm
Returns true if the Brep.TryConvertBrep function will be successful for this object
(Inherited from GeometryBase.)
Public propertyHasUserData
Gets true if this class has any custom information attached to it through UserData.
(Inherited from CommonObject.)
Public propertyId
Gets or sets the persistent id of this Brep face. By default, the id is Guid.Zero. Note, Rhino does not set this id. Thus, the property is available for use as a way of tracking Brep faces.
Public propertyIsDeformable
true if object can be accurately modified with "squishy" transformations like projections, shears, and non-uniform scaling.
(Inherited from GeometryBase.)
Public propertyIsDocumentControlled
If true this object may not be modified. Any properties or functions that attempt to modify this object when it is set to "IsReadOnly" will throw a NotSupportedException.
(Inherited from GeometryBase.)
Public propertyIsSolid
Gets a values indicating whether a surface is solid.
(Inherited from Surface.)
Public propertyIsSubDFriendly
Returns true if the surface is a non-rational, uniform, natural or periodic, cubic NURBS surface. Otherwise, false is returend.
(Inherited from Surface.)
Public propertyIsSurface
Gets a value indicating whether the face is synonymous with the underlying surface. If a Face has no trimming curves then it is considered a Surface.
Public propertyIsValid
Tests an object to see if it is valid.
(Inherited from CommonObject.)
Public propertyLoops
Loops in this face.
Public propertyMaterialChannelIndex
This face's rendering material channel index.
Public propertyObjectType
Useful for switch statements that need to differentiate between basic object types like points, curves, surfaces, and so on.
(Inherited from GeometryBase.)
Public propertyCode exampleOrientationIsReversed
true if face orientation is opposite of natural surface orientation.
Public propertyOuterLoop
Every face has a single outer loop.
Public propertyPackId
0 if the pack it is unset, or >0 if the set pack id.
Public propertyPerFaceColor
If per-face color is "Empty", then this face does not have a custom color
Public propertyProxyBrepSubDFaceId
If this face is part of a brep created by SubD.ProxyBrep(), then the subd component id of the corresponding SubD face is returned. Otherwise 0 is returned.
Public propertySurfaceIndex
Surface index of the 3d surface geometry used by this face or -1
Public propertyUserData
List of custom information that is attached to this class.
(Inherited from CommonObject.)
Public propertyUserDictionary
Dictionary of custom information attached to this class. The dictionary is actually user data provided as an easy to use sharable set of information.
(Inherited from CommonObject.)
Public propertyUserStringCount
Gets the amount of user strings.
(Inherited from GeometryBase.)
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