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SweepOneRail Properties

The SweepOneRail type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAngleToleranceRadians
Public propertyClosedSweep
If the input rail is closed, ClosedSweep determines if the swept breps will also be closed.
Public propertyGlobalShapeBlending
If true, the sweep is linearly blended from one end to the other, creating sweeps that taper from one cross-section curve to the other. If false, the sweep stays constant at the ends and changes more rapidly in the middle.
Public propertyIsFreeform
Public propertyIsRoadlike
Public propertyIsRoadlikeFront
Public propertyIsRoadlikeTop
Public propertyIsRoadlineRight
Public propertyMiterType
0: don't miter, 1: intersect surfaces and trim sweeps, 2: rotate shapes at kinks and don't trim.
Public propertySweepTolerance
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