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Transform Properties

The Transform type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDeterminant
The determinant of this 4x4 matrix.
Public propertyStatic memberIdentity
Gets a new identity transform matrix. An identity matrix defines no transformation.
Public propertyIsIdentity
Return true if this Transform is the identity transform
Public propertyIsValid
Gets a value indicating whether or not this Transform is a valid matrix. A valid transform matrix is not allowed to have any invalid numbers.
Public propertyIsZero
True if matrix is Zero4x4, ZeroTransformation, or some other type of zero.The value xform[3][3] can be anything.
Public propertyIsZero4x4
True if all values are 0
Public propertyIsZeroTransformation
True if all values are 0 and M33 is 1
Public propertyItem
Gets or sets the matrix value at the given row and column indixes.
Public propertyM00
Gets or sets this[0,0].
Public propertyM01
Gets or sets this[0,1].
Public propertyM02
Gets or sets this[0,2].
Public propertyM03
Gets or sets this[0,3].
Public propertyM10
Gets or sets this[1,0].
Public propertyM11
Gets or sets this[1,1].
Public propertyM12
Gets or sets this[1,2].
Public propertyM13
Gets or sets this[1,3].
Public propertyM20
Gets or sets this[2,0].
Public propertyM21
Gets or sets this[2,1].
Public propertyM22
Gets or sets this[2,2].
Public propertyM23
Gets or sets this[2,3].
Public propertyM30
Gets or sets this[3,0].
Public propertyM31
Gets or sets this[3,1].
Public propertyM32
Gets or sets this[3,2].
Public propertyM33
Gets or sets this[3,3].
Public propertySimilarityType
Gets a value indicating whether or not the Transform maintains similarity. The easiest way to think of Similarity is that any circle, when transformed, remains a circle. Whereas a non-similarity Transform deforms circles into ellipses.
Public propertyStatic memberUnset
Gets an XForm filled with RhinoMath.UnsetValue.
Public propertyStatic memberZeroTransformation
ZeroTransformation diagonal = (0,0,0,1)
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