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GetTransform Properties

The GetTransform type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDynamicDrawColor
Color used by CRhinoGetPoint::DynamicDraw to draw the current point and the line from the base point to the current point.
(Inherited from GetPoint.)
Public propertyFullFrameRedrawDuringGet
In the "RARE" case that you need to draw some depth buffered geometry during a Get() operation, setting this value to true will force entire frames to be redrawn while the user moves the mouse. This allows DisplayPipeline events to be triggered as well as OnPostDrawObjects NOTE!! Setting this value to true comes with a significant performance penalty because the scene needs to be fully regenerated every frame where the standard DynamicDraw event draws temporary decorations (geometry) on top of a static scene.
(Inherited from GetPoint.)
Public propertyHaveTransform
Public propertyObjectList
Public propertyOsnapEventType
Gets the type of object snap used to obtain the point.
(Inherited from GetPoint.)
Public propertyCode exampleTag
Gets or sets an arbitrary object that can be attached to this GetPoint instance. Useful for passing some/ information that you may need in a DynamicDraw event since you can get at this Tag from the GetPointDrawEventArgs.
(Inherited from GetPoint.)
Public propertyTransform
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