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GroundPlane Properties

The GroundPlane type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAltitude
Height above world XY plane in model units.
Public propertyAutoAltitude
Determines whether the ground plane is fixed by the Altitude property, or whether it is automatically placed at the lowest point in the model.
Public propertyEnabled
Determines whether the document ground plane is enabled.
Public propertyMaterialInstanceId
Id of material in material table for this ground plane.
Public propertyShadowOnly
Determines whether the ground plane shows the material assigned, or whether it is transparent, but captures shadows.
Public propertyShowUnderside
If this is off, the ground plane will not be visible when seen from below.
Public propertyTextureOffset
Texture mapping offset in world units.
Public propertyTextureOffsetLocked
Texture offset locked.
Public propertyTextureRotation
Texture mapping rotation around world origin + offset in degrees.
Public propertyTextureSize
Texture mapping single UV span size in world units.
Public propertyTextureSizeLocked
Texture size locked.
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