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Sun Properties

The Sun type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAltitude
Get the altitude for the sun. To set use SetPosition(azimuth, altitude)
Public propertyAzimuth
Get the azimuth for the sun. To set use SetPosition(azimuth, altitude)
Public propertyDaylightSaving
Daylight savings time
Public propertyDaylightSavingMinutes
Daylight saving minutes
Public propertyEnabled
Turn the sun on/off in this document.
Public propertyIntensity
Sun intensity.
Public propertyLatitude
Public propertyLight
Get a Light which represents the sun. If manual control is in effect, no sun calculation is performed; the function uses the values last used in calls to Azimuth, Altitude or Vector. If manual control is not in effect, the observer's position, date, time, time zone and daylight saving values are used to calculate the position of the sun.
Public propertyLongitude
Public propertyManualControl
Set angles directly or use place/date/time
Public propertyNorth
Angle in degrees on world X-Y plane that should be considered north in the model. Angle is measured starting at X-Axis and travels counterclockwise. Y-Axis would be a north angle of 90 degrees.
Public propertySkylightOn Obsolete.
Turn skylight on or off.
Public propertyTimeZone
Measured in hours += UTC
Public propertyVector
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