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HostUtils Properties

The HostUtils type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberComputerSerialNumber
Gets the serial number of the computer running Rhino.
Public propertyStatic memberDeviceId
The DeviceId is a unique, stable ID that anonymously identifies the device that Rhino is running on. It is computed based on hardware information that should not change when the OS is upgraded, or if commonly modified hardware are added or removed from the computer. The machine-specific information is hashed using a cryptographic hash to make it anonymous.
Public propertyStatic memberDeviceName
Name of the computer running Rhino. If the computer is part of a Windows Domain, the computer name has "@[DOMAIN]" appended.
Public propertyStatic memberRunningInMono
Tests if this process is currently executing under the Mono runtime.
Public propertyStatic memberRunningInRhino
Tests if RhinoCommon is currently executing inside of the Rhino.exe process. There are other cases where RhinoCommon could be running; specifically inside of Visual Studio when something like a windows form is being worked on in the resource editor or running stand-alone when compiled to be used as a version of OpenNURBS.
Public propertyStatic memberRunningOnOSX
Tests if this process is currently executing on the Mac OSX platform.
Public propertyStatic memberRunningOnWindows
Tests if this process is currently executing on the Windows platform.
Public propertyStatic memberSendDebugToCommandLine
Gets or sets whether debug messages are printed to the command line.
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