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PaintColor Enumeration

Contains enumerated constant values to represent logical colors associated with elements of the user interface.

Namespace:  Rhino.ApplicationSettings
Assembly:  RhinoCommon (in RhinoCommon.dll)
public enum PaintColor
  Member nameValueDescription
NormalStart0Gradient start for active toolbar tab and non-client area of Rhino.
NormalEnd1Gradient end for active toolbar tab and non-client area of Rhino.
NormalBorder2Edge color used for grippers, toolbar border, resize bars, status bar pane borders.
HotStart3Gradient start for inactive toolbar tab.
HotEnd4Gradient end for inactive toolbar tab.
HotBorder5Inactive toolbar tab border.
PressedStart6Pressed gradient start.
PressedEnd7Pressed gradient end.
PressedBorder8Pressed border.
TextEnabled9Toolbar tab text and status bar text.
TextDisabled10Disabled text color.
MouseOverControlStart11Color for hovering gradient start.
MouseOverControlEnd12Color for hovering gradient end.
MouseOverControlBorder13Color for hovering border.
ActiveCaption14Active floating window non-client area
InactiveCaption15Inactive floating window non-client area
PanelBackground16Background color of panels
ActiveViewportTitle17Active viewport title.
InactiveViewportTitle18Inactive viewport title.
ModifiedValueControlColor19Modified property value label text color
EditBoxBackground20Background fill for input elements (edit box, checkbox)
GridLinesOnPanelBackground21Grid lines on panel background color
GridLinesOnEditBoxBackground22Grid lines on edit box background color
InactiveTabBackground23Fill for inactive tabs
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