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ICommonComponentTableT Interface

Provides methods to use all File3dm and RhinoDoc tables under the same contract. Do not derive from this interface. This is to ensure all tables can be used with the same method list.

Namespace:  Rhino.FileIO
Assembly:  RhinoCommon (in RhinoCommon.dll)
public interface ICommonComponentTable<T> : IReadOnlyCollection<T>, 
	IEnumerable<T>, IEnumerable, ICollection<T>
where T : ModelComponent

Type Parameters


[Missing <typeparam name="T"/> documentation for "T:Rhino.FileIO.ICommonComponentTable`1"]

The ICommonComponentTableT type exposes the following members.

Public propertyComponentType
Returns the model component type the table handles.
Public propertyCount
Gets the number of elements in the collection.
(Inherited from IReadOnlyCollectionT.)
Public propertyIsReadOnly (Inherited from ICollectionT.)
Public methodAdd (Inherited from ICollectionT.)
Public methodClear (Inherited from ICollectionT.)
Public methodContains (Inherited from ICollectionT.)
Public methodCopyTo (Inherited from ICollectionT.)
Public methodFindId
Retrieves an object based on ID. You should prefer ID search over Index search.
Public methodFindNameHash
Retrieves an object based on Name.
Public methodGetEnumerator
Returns an enumerator that iterates through the collection.
(Inherited from IEnumerableT.)
Public methodRemove (Inherited from ICollectionT.)
Version Information

Rhino for Windows

Supported in: 6.26
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