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QuadRemeshParameters Class

Parameters for QuadRemesh method
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Rhino.Geometry
Assembly:  RhinoCommon (in RhinoCommon.dll)
public class QuadRemeshParameters

The QuadRemeshParameters type exposes the following members.

Public methodQuadRemeshParameters
Initializes a new instance of the QuadRemeshParameters class
Public propertyAdaptiveQuadCount
Respect the original Target Quad Count value as much as possible. True returns more quads than TargetQuadCount depending on amount of high-curvature areas. Note: this value is ignored when TargetEdgeLength > 0
Public propertyAdaptiveSize
Larger values results in for quad sizes that adjust to match input curvature. Smaller values results in more uniform quad sizes at the risk of less feature preservation. Range [0 - 100] Note: this value is ignored when TargetEdgeLength > 0
Public propertyDetectHardEdges
When enabled the hard edges in models will be retained.
Public propertyGuideCurveInfluence
0 = Approximate 1 = Interpolate Edge Ring 2 = Interpolate Edge Loop This value is ignored if Guide Curves are not supplied
Public propertyPreserveMeshArrayEdgesMode
0=off, 1=On(Smart), 2=On(Strict) : Mesh array's created from Breps will have their brep face edge boundaries retained. Smart - Small or insignificant input faces are ignored. Strict - All input faces are factored in re-meshed result.
Public propertySymmetryAxis
Symmetry axis to use for symmetric re-meshing
Public propertyTargetEdgeLength
When TargetEdgeLength is greater than 0 TargetQuadCount will be re-computed with the target goal of an approximated edge length based on the area of the input mesh e.g TargetQuadCount = Input mesh Area * sqr(TargetEdgeLength) AdaptiveSize as well as AdaptiveQuadCount will also be ignored;
Public propertyTargetQuadCount
The number of quads to try to achieve in the final re-meshed object Note: This value is overridden if TargetEdgeLength > 0
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