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GetResult Enumeration

Possible results from GetObject.Get(), GetPoint.Get(), etc...

Namespace:  Rhino.Input
Assembly:  RhinoCommon (in RhinoCommon.dll)
Since: 5.0
public enum GetResult
  Member nameValueDescription
Cancel1User wants to cancel current command.
Nothing2User pressed enter - typically used to accept defaults.
Option3User specified an option - call Option() to get option index.
Number4User entered a real number - call Number() to get value.
Color5User entered a color - call Color() to get value.
Undo6User pressed undo.
Miss7User clicked and missed.
Point8User picked 3d point - call Point() to get 3d point.
Point2d9 User picked 2d window point in CRhinoGetPoint::Get2dPoint() call ON_2dPoint() to get the point and View() to get the view.
Line2d10 User picked a 2d line in CRhinoGetPoint::Get2dLine() call Line2d() to get the line and View() to get the view.
Rectangle2d11 User picked a 2d rectangle in CRhinoGetPoint::Get2dRectangle() call Rectangle2d() to get the rectangle and View() to get the view.
Object12User selected an object - call Object() to get object.
String13User typed a string - call String() to get the string.
CustomMessage14 A custom message was posted to the RhinoGet
Timeout15 The getter waited for the amount of time specified in RhinoGet::SetWaitDuration() and then gave up.
Circle16call CRhinoGetCircle::GetCircle() to get the circle.
Plane17call CRhinoGetPlane::GetPlane() to get the plane.
Cylinder18call CRhinoGetCylinder::GetCylinder() to get the cylinder.
Sphere19call CRhinoGetSphere::GetSphere() to get the sphere.
Angle20call CRhinoGetAngle::Angle() to get the angle in radians (CRhinoGetAngle() returns this for typed number, too).
Distance21call CRhinoGetDistance::Distance() to get the distance value.
Direction22call CRhinoGetDirection::Direction() to get the direction vector.
Frame23call CRhinoGetFrame::Frame() to get the frame that was picked.
ExitRhino268435455Stop now, do not cleanup, just return ASAP.
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