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AdvancedSetting Enumeration

Advanced setting Id

Namespace:  Rhino.Runtime
Assembly:  RhinoCommon (in RhinoCommon.dll)
public enum AdvancedSetting
  Member nameValueDescription
UseNewDraftAngleAnalysisUi0 UseNewDraftAngleAnalysisUi bool Value, defaults to true
UseCompressionWhenSaving1 Use compressed buffers when saving 3dm files. bool Value, defults to true
TestAdvancedString2 String value, defaults to "test string"
TestAdvancedInt3 Integer value, defaults 123
PdfOptionalContentGroups4 How optional content should be included when exporting PDF files
LeaveFloatingPanelsHiddenOnMac5 Bool value used on Mac to satisfy a user request to hide floating stuff when a command starts and leave it hidden when the command ends. This is false by default.
DisableFileWatchers6 Disable file watchers, using to diagnose Mac Rhino mystery crashes
EnableCheckForUpdates7 Auto check for update, enabled by default on Mac, does not show up in Windows
LeftJustifyNumericText8 This is mainly a issue on Windows, currently there are several different numeric controls scattered across the product and no consistent text alignment. This is an attempt to provide a way to control the preferred alignment style.
EnableWindowsGestures9 Disable gestures for Windows views for a customer who was complaining when upgrading.
MakeInteriorNgonVertexesSelectable10 Set this to false if you only want boundary vertexes selectable when you run PointsOn.
MacDisplayOldVersionAutosaveWarning11 Set this to true if you want to be warned about autosave for old file versions on Mac.
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