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IZooClientUtilities Interface

Interface implemented in ZooClient and added to Rhino via dependency injection

Namespace:  Rhino.Runtime
Assembly:  RhinoCommon (in RhinoCommon.dll)
public interface IZooClientUtilities

The IZooClientUtilities type exposes the following members.

Public propertyLoggedInUserAvatar
Returns the logged in user's avatar picture. Returns a default avatar if the user does not have an avatar or if the avatar could not be fetched.
Public propertyLoggedInUserName
Returns the name of the logged in user, or null if the user is not logged in.
Public propertyUserIsLoggedIn
Returns true if the user is logged in; else returns false. A logged in user does not guarantee that the auth tokens managed by the CloudZooManager instance are valid.
Public methodAskUserForLicense
Public methodCheckInLicense
Checks in a checked out license to the owning Zoo.
Public methodCheckOutLicense
Checks out a loaned out license from the owning Zoo.
Public methodConvertLicense
Converts a standalone license to a network license.
Public methodDeleteLicense
31-Mar-2015 Dale Fugier, Deletes a license along with its license file.
Public methodEcho
Public methodGetCurrentTime
Gets the current time, trying to access an NTP server before using local time.
Public methodGetLicense
Public methodGetLicenseStatus
Returns the current status of every license for ui purposes
Public methodGetLicenseType
Returns the type of a specified product license
Public methodGetOneLicenseStatus
Returns the current status of a license for ui purposes
Public methodGetRegisteredOwnerInfo
Returns the registered owner and organization of a license 4-Sept-2014 Dale Fugier,
Public methodInitialize
Public methodIsCheckOutEnabled
Returns whether or not license checkout is enabled
Public methodLicenseOptionsHandler
Public methodLoginToCloudZoo
Logs the user in to the cloud zoo. This logs out the current user and voids any existing leases.
Public methodLogoutOfCloudZoo
Logs the user out of the cloud zoo. This logs out the current user and voids any existing leases.
Public methodReturnLicense(Object, Guid)
Public methodReturnLicense(Object, String, Guid)
Public methodShowBuyLicenseUi
Public methodShowLicenseValidationUi
Shows user interface to validate and register a license. Returns true if the license is successfully validated; false otherwise
Public methodShowRhinoExpiredMessage
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