Rhino C++ API  7.22
ON_TextContext Member List

This is the complete list of members for ON_TextContext, including all inherited members.

ConvertCodepointsToString(int cplen, const ON__UINT32 *cp, ON_wString &str)ON_TextContextstatic
ConvertStringToCodepoints(const wchar_t *str, ON__UINT32 *&cp)ON_TextContextstatic
FormatRtfString(const wchar_t *rtfstr, const ON_DimStyle *dimstyle, bool clear_bold, bool set_bold, bool clear_italic, bool set_italic, bool clear_underline, bool set_underline, bool clear_facename, bool set_facename, const wchar_t *override_facename)ON_TextContextstatic
RtfFirstCharProperties(const wchar_t *rtfstr, bool &bold, bool &italic, bool &underline, ON_wString &facename)ON_TextContextstatic