Rhino Compute Service

This guide covers the tools required to get started with the Rhino Compute Service.

Compute is an open-source online advanced geometry extension as a web service based on Rhinoceros 3d’s RhinoCommon API. The Compute services are meant to compliment the Rhino3dm Geometry library. See the Compute website for more overview information.

Compute can be accessed from CPython, JavaScript and C# (.NET). It runs on many platforms including Windows, OSX, IOS, Unix, All major browsers and Node.JS.

Setting up a Compute Project

There are a few tools which are essential to communicate with the Compute server. Select one of the supported languages:

  • Python - The CPython wrapper for OpenNurbs which contains the functions to read and write Rhino Geometry Objects. This is available as a Pip package.
  • JavaScript - The Javascript library and web assembly (WASM) to access Compute through any major browser or Node JS.
  • C# (.NET) - The nuget packages required to access to the Rhino3dm and Compute API.


The libraries are still very new and changing rapidly. Give them a try or get involved. Ask any questions or share what you are working on the Compute Discussion Forum