Rhino Compute ™

This guide covers the tools required to get started with the Rhino Compute Service.

Compute is an open-source online advanced geometry extension as a web product based on Rhinoceros 3d’s RhinoCommon API. The Compute is a compliment the Rhino3dm Geometry library. See the Compute website for more overview information.

Compute can be accessed from CPython, JavaScript and C# (.NET). It runs on many platforms including Windows, OSX, IOS, Unix, All major browsers and Node.JS.

Setting up a Compute Project

There are a few tools which are essential to communicate with the Compute server. Select one of the supported languages:

  • Python - The CPython wrapper for OpenNurbs which contains the functions to read and write Rhino Geometry Objects. This is available as a Pip package.
  • JavaScript - The Javascript library and web assembly (WASM) to access Compute through any major browser or Node JS.
  • C# (.NET) - The nuget packages required to access to the Rhino3dm and Compute API.


The libraries are still very new and changing rapidly. Give them a try or get involved. Ask any questions or share what you are working on the Compute Discussion Forum