Hacking and Testing latest Atom rhino-python package
macOS only

Specifically, running from the “settings” branch of the source to test the search paths configuration.

I updated the rhino-python Atom package to support configuring the Python search path which I plan to deploy when we release MR5.1. The document describes how to install and run it from source so some of you can test and give feedback.

  • open a terminal window pointing to the directory where you want to clone the rhino-python package and type:
    git clone https://github.com/mcneel/rhino-python.git
    cd rhino-python
  • switch to the branch that implements the search paths configuration.
git checkout settings
  • create a link so that the package will be loaded from the git repo when Atom is run in dev mode:
apm link -d
  • install the package dependencies
apm install
  • to launch Atom in dev mode cd to where your python files are and type:
atom -d .
  • You are now running the rhino-python package from source. You are specifically running from the “settings” git branch where the python search paths configuration is implemented.

  • Rename Rhinoceros.app to something else to back it up then rename RhinoWIP.app to Rhinoceros.app (this is a temporary step that won’t be required in he future).

  • Launch the RhinoWIP (renamed) and type the command: StartAtomEditorListener. Getting and setting the Python search path values is done by Rhino so it has to be running and listening for Atom requests.

  • Switch back to Atom and press the ctrl + alt + s keys to open the “Rhino Python Search Paths” window.

Notes on the Rhino Python Search Paths toolbar:

  • when the window is 1st opened only the add ( + ) button is enabled.
  • click on a path to select it and the other nav buttons become enabled.
  • None of the changes made in the UI are saved until the save button is clicked which sends the save request to Rhino.
  • Clicking the revert button discards all changes made since the last save by sending a request to Rhino for the last saved search paths.

Please send all feedback to Alain.