Object Display Mode

Demonstrates how to set the object display mode of a user-specified mesh or surface.

partial class Examples
  public static Rhino.Commands.Result ObjectDisplayMode(Rhino.RhinoDoc doc)
    const ObjectType filter = ObjectType.Mesh | ObjectType.Brep;
    ObjRef objref;
    Result rc = Rhino.Input.RhinoGet.GetOneObject("Select mesh or surface", true, filter, out objref);
    if (rc != Rhino.Commands.Result.Success)
      return rc;
    Guid viewportId = doc.Views.ActiveView.ActiveViewportID;

    ObjectAttributes attr = objref.Object().Attributes;
    if (attr.HasDisplayModeOverride(viewportId))
      RhinoApp.WriteLine("Removing display mode override from object");
      Rhino.Display.DisplayModeDescription[] modes = Rhino.Display.DisplayModeDescription.GetDisplayModes();
      Rhino.Display.DisplayModeDescription mode = null;
      if (modes.Length == 1)
        mode = modes[0];
        Rhino.Input.Custom.GetOption go = new Rhino.Input.Custom.GetOption();
        go.SetCommandPrompt("Select display mode");
        string[] str_modes = new string[modes.Length];
        for (int i = 0; i < modes.Length; i++)
          str_modes[i] = modes[i].EnglishName.Replace(" ", "").Replace("-", "");
        go.AddOptionList("DisplayMode", str_modes, 0);
        if (go.Get() == Rhino.Input.GetResult.Option)
          mode = modes[go.Option().CurrentListOptionIndex];
      if (mode == null)
        return Rhino.Commands.Result.Cancel;
      attr.SetDisplayModeOverride(mode, viewportId);
    doc.Objects.ModifyAttributes(objref, attr, false);
    return Rhino.Commands.Result.Success;
Partial Friend Class Examples
  Public Shared Function ObjectDisplayMode(ByVal doc As Rhino.RhinoDoc) As Rhino.Commands.Result
	Const filter As ObjectType = ObjectType.Mesh Or ObjectType.Brep
	Dim objref As ObjRef = Nothing
	Dim rc As Result = Rhino.Input.RhinoGet.GetOneObject("Select mesh or surface", True, filter, objref)
	If rc IsNot Rhino.Commands.Result.Success Then
	  Return rc
	End If
	Dim viewportId As Guid = doc.Views.ActiveView.ActiveViewportID

	Dim attr As ObjectAttributes = objref.Object().Attributes
	If attr.HasDisplayModeOverride(viewportId) Then
	  RhinoApp.WriteLine("Removing display mode override from object")
	  Dim modes() As Rhino.Display.DisplayModeDescription = Rhino.Display.DisplayModeDescription.GetDisplayModes()
	  Dim mode As Rhino.Display.DisplayModeDescription = Nothing
	  If modes.Length = 1 Then
		mode = modes(0)
		Dim go As New Rhino.Input.Custom.GetOption()
		go.SetCommandPrompt("Select display mode")
		Dim str_modes(modes.Length - 1) As String
		For i As Integer = 0 To modes.Length - 1
		  str_modes(i) = modes(i).EnglishName.Replace(" ", "").Replace("-", "")
		Next i
		go.AddOptionList("DisplayMode", str_modes, 0)
		If go.Get() = Rhino.Input.GetResult.Option Then
		  mode = modes(go.Option().CurrentListOptionIndex)
		End If
	  End If
	  If mode Is Nothing Then
		Return Rhino.Commands.Result.Cancel
	  End If
	  attr.SetDisplayModeOverride(mode, viewportId)
	End If
	doc.Objects.ModifyAttributes(objref, attr, False)
	Return Rhino.Commands.Result.Success
  End Function
End Class
import Rhino
import scriptcontext

def ObjectDisplayMode():
    filter = Rhino.DocObjects.ObjectType.Brep | Rhino.DocObjects.ObjectType.Mesh
    rc, objref = Rhino.Input.RhinoGet.GetOneObject("Select mesh or surface", True, filter)
    if rc != Rhino.Commands.Result.Success: return rc;
    viewportId = scriptcontext.doc.Views.ActiveView.ActiveViewportID

    attr = objref.Object().Attributes
    if attr.HasDisplayModeOverride(viewportId):
        print "Removing display mode override from object"
        modes = Rhino.Display.DisplayModeDescription.GetDisplayModes()
        mode = None
        if len(modes) == 1:
            mode = modes[0]
            go = Rhino.Input.Custom.GetOption()
            go.SetCommandPrompt("Select display mode")
            str_modes = []
            for m in modes:
                s = m.EnglishName.replace(" ","").replace("-","")
            go.AddOptionList("DisplayMode", str_modes, 0)
            if go.Get()==Rhino.Input.GetResult.Option:
                mode = modes[go.Option().CurrentListOptionIndex]
        if not mode: return Rhino.Commands.Result.Cancel
        attr.SetDisplayModeOverride(mode, viewportId)
    scriptcontext.doc.Objects.ModifyAttributes(objref, attr, False)

if __name__=="__main__":